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Cerealia S.p.A., a milling company, was founded in April 2013 from the merger of three long established mills: Molini Saini, Molino Seragni and Molino Fiocchi.

Cerealia has gathered and developed the cumulative experience of the three founding companies in the field of wheat milling, and in the service to food industry and artisan bakeries.

The Purchasing and Quality Control teams of Cerealia daily analyze and select the incoming raw materials and finished products, using the latest tools available and the professionalism of its staff.

All this to offer a wide range of products ranging from flours for baking, to biscuits flour to the specialty used for “panettone”, from organic wheat flour to baby food, from its pizza line to special flours dedicated to pastry. The production plants of Cerealia, located in San Giuliano Milanese (MI) and in Rivolta d'Adda (CR) have a daily milling capacity of 350 tons of wheat and have received the top quality certifications in the industry. Collaborate, share ideas and experiences, combine resources and knowledge in order to create an innovative company with two clear objectives: a higher quality in products and an increased attention to services. Cerealia S.p.A.: from the union, the strength of quality.

Cerealia - Stabilimento di Rivolta d'Adda


Cerealia - Stabilimento di San Giuliano Milanese

Giuliano Milanese

Cerealia - Ruota Mulino
Cerealia - Ruota Mulino
Cerealia - Ruota Mulino

costruzione ruota


Cerealia's milling wheel has always been the pulsing heart where everything originates, the engine of production and the symbol of the company itself. Situated in the historical building that since the beginning of 1800 has hosted the original mill and which today houses only offices, the wheel was dismantled on 11 November 2017 to start a renovation project. The Wheel was assembled back on April 7, 2018, to regain its traditional place at the heart of Cerealia.

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Microbiological and chemical analysis on raw material, production process and finished product for food safety.
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  • After sales assistance
  • Design, planning and Implementation of 100% Italian agriculture supply chains
  • Consulting for the study of new products for bakeries
  • 24h delivery service throughout Milan area and 48h service in Northern Italy
  • Realization of marketing materials and events at the point of sale
  • Professional training courses for bakeries and pastry